a poem? a vent? a hello? or a goodbye?


"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" 
And isn't that the golden question; 
The question I've heard all my life - 
The question about life asked in life. 


It's an irony I can't explain;
A joke with no laughs made,
It's funny when you know - 
You know that you've decayed. 


It's a line of staying alive, 
But I can't make it this time; 
It's all been too much - 
It's going by in a rush. 


And if I don't brush my hair,
That's my sign of not having a care - 
A care about you or me,
Or about the world I haven't seen.


And don't waste your tears crying;
I never wanted you to see me dying. 

  • Author: G.T.R (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 24th, 2022 00:37
  • Comment from author about the poem: kinda a vent ig. life has been...yeah. it hasnt been easy, but wtvs. i wrote this in my notebook like 5 mins ago & thought tht i shld post this. so uhhh yeah.
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  • lalalaEulalie

    Thanks for sharing this piece of writing. Do not let it be a goodbye. Unless you are saying goodbye to something toxic (like people or habits.) But not a tragic goodbye. Life is difficult and there are many slumps. Life is like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. "If you want the rainbow you must have the rain," as they say.

    I hope you will find something to pick up your spirits. You are worthy, and loved, and life will not be dismal forever.



    • semi-deadpoet

      thank uu. im not really sure what my goodbye is, but its just a goodbye to smth. tht quote is v true (think i heard in tfios lol). thank u, & the same goes for u too.


      - theo

    • dusterstanpetethecat


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