best friends for (n)ever


"Move on" they beg, 

But how can I do that?

How can I just "move on" from this?

How do you move on?

How do you live - 

Knowing that your best friend's gone -

Gone and dead.

  • Author: G.T.R (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 25th, 2022 00:09
  • Comment from author about the poem: part of a long poem i wrote yesterday during a mental breakdown (which is y i posted the poem yesterday lol). im doing better now, but i wasnt doing good yesterday. & yes this is abt my grandpa again. i wont stop talking abt him/his death bc he was my best friend since i was a baby. its not smth tht u can just easily move on from, & itll b a loooooong time b4 i stop talking abt him
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  • L. B. Mek

    don't explain yourself, dear Poet
    those who read
    willingly understand
    ... the rest, Fck em!
    This is your space
    you own it, just be You
    no explanations
    no apologies
    no declarations
    needed, we
    that appreciate your voice
    will read and decide for ourselves
    all you need do
    is write, write and write
    till you feel like, your squeezing
    the left few syllables
    left in your chest..
    'stay Strong!'
    while I empathise
    sadly, I never met any of my grandparents
    so I can't pretend, to relate
    thanks for sharing!
    may he rest in peace

    • semi-deadpoet

      thank u. im sorry u never got to meet ur grandparents, but im sure they wld b lovely ppl

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