The feel of a woman !


How I do miss the feel, of a good woman,
Laying right next to me, in my bed,
Not for sexual pleasures,  I hasten to add,
If that's what's going round in your head.

It's just simply, being next to another,
Feeling each others, bodily heat,
Just to wake up together, next morning'
Is a feeling, that's so hard to beat.

To just lay down, and cuddle up to her,
On those days when it gets a bit cold,
With her body, just held to me closely,
In my arms there, I'd love to enfold.

Falling asleep, huddled to one another,
With our world put to rights every night,
Waking up feeling, no longer so lonely,
That the world and it's wife look alright.

But I know that this won't ever happen,
It would be frowned on, by societies,
So' I'll have to make do, stay alone then,
And just recall from my old memories !

  • Author: Justa_Geezer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 30th, 2022 04:01
  • Category: Reflection
  • Views: 23

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