Poison Ivy.

Paul Bell

She buried the bodies down by the orchard grove

It's so pretty in spring

You just gotta go

The flowers grow tall

When the sun goes low

You gotta go


She didn’t kill him just for fun

No fun was had that day

He had the looks that said okay

It was just his mouth

That did betray

She was just an easy lay


The years rolled by

And time forgot

All until that day

The storm unearthed

What was buried

Down by orchard grove


He pushed her awake

Gave her the news

Something about orchard grove

They found dead people down there

Wasn’t that the place

You left in disgrace


She laughed

He had the looks that said okay

It was just his mouth

That did betray

She killed him quick

Burying him next to pear tree, Rick


Sometimes late at night

They come back to say hello

Some scream indignity

Others scream hell no

It was like having good friends around the stove

The bodies buried down by orchard grove.

  • Author: Paul Bell (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 1st, 2022 04:28
  • Category: Humor
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  • Neil Higgins

    Morning Paul.Ghost stories,and "dead bodies" A sure fire way to start Monday.Cleverly crafted as always.
    And talking of the dead.I'm back 😱

    • Paul Bell

      You taking a break

      • Neil Higgins

        I went on self imposed gardening leave for a few months,to recharge the batteries,and complete a rockery in my mother's garden 🥵
        Am now back to post more chaotic scribblings.

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      • KRWonder

        What a ghost story! This was a fun read, I liked the details and vivid imageries. Thanks for sharing!

        • Paul Bell

          Ghostly Monday, makes you want to stay in bed.

        • hotidris

          Nice poem about a woman burying corpses down by the orchard grove.

          • Paul Bell

            Part-time grave digger.

            • hotidris

              Oh okay.

            • AlitaOpal

              More like a metaphor of a woman's past that she can be optimistic about regardless of the morbidity.. one can only look at it as moving on.. great write Mr Bell 🌹

              • Paul Bell

                She did move on, straight to prison. lol

                • AlitaOpal

                  Oh dear lol!

                • mfhanyx_

                  Ooooh. Hey, was that woman Grimaldin?

                  • Paul Bell

                    Her disciple.

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