Thubelihle Chance Ntombela

little love stories

We have a new neighbour upstairs,
she barely goes outside
and she plays instruments all night.
we can hear her footsteps time and again.
when she plays the violin,
my girlfriend takes off her clothes
for me
and we make love in tune with it.
we don't stay tethered to what most would call reality,
fantasizing about being in berlin
and writing our initials on foggy windows
is my favourite part.
my girlfriend asked if we should invite our new neighbour
to our place so we can smoke weed,
cook beef bourguignon
and tell her we fuck when she plays.
i'm trying to tell you that i'm in love her,
loving her is making me relearn how to love myself.
even Andrea Gibson
wouldn't be able to write about
this kind of love.
once she said if you are going to sit there
and talk about nothing else
but the weather and the musician from upstairs
while you truly are hurting inside,
i would love to listen to it all,
the unattended graves
the haunting pasts.
i will listen to you and all the pain you feel.
Chance Ntombela © 2022 | He Wrote

  • Authors: Thubelihle Chance Ntombela (Pseudonym)
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  • Finished: August 16th, 2022 11:30
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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