Helplessness of man

the world has ended, it's now all blackend ash

departed from my vessel then my soul was asked 

by the creator of creation the one whos sun it is we basked 

did you pay attention as your time elapsed,

what is it that you saw that made my creation crash? 


inhumane humanity greed, lust,sloth,pride,envy, gluttony and wrath 

and some new ones because the old sins didn't seem so bad 

also a total underappreciation for the free provisions you provided and we had 

we polluted everything waters sky and land 

created genocide and war and tortured fellow man 

the creator looked at me with there head in there hands 


so what is it that you done to prevent this, did you make a stand? 


well to be honest I was always hoping a rebellion was planned

I would have joined and taken it all back with my bare hands 

but instead I complained alot and always had big plans 

never the antagonist of change falling for the game and life's demands 

we all could have done more instead we clasped our hands 

and prayed for change as long as it didn't interfere with what we liked or we'd planned 

we were a virus in our creation it left the rest of your creations dammed

we can't help it ...but we can...we want to ....but won't..this is the helplessness of man 

  • Author: Danny (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 4th, 2022 15:37
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