Selfless / Selfish

How many of us can say that we selfless?
Would go out of our way for the helpless?
Put others before yourself
Would you stand in front to die for what's right
Or run behind and be the twelfth?
Do you think life is all about you?
Not caring what others go through
Spend all day taking selfies that's new
Some dizzy and don't have a clue
You wanna shake them
Stick their head down the loo
So self centred but what can you do
We all divided
Opinions clash
Over information provided
Grow through shit, focus the mind
That's what I did
Awaken, don't run around blind
After life in these bodies
What will we find?

  • Author: Coolcuk (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 5th, 2022 01:31
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  • L. B. Mek

    some peaceful rest
    a place, devoid of anxiety
    or hope
    just stillness, devoid of time
    a place
    we can blink and swim
    in fond memories
    feeling proximity of our loved ones
    aside us in that interconnected
    a place where selfishness
    is born of selflessness
    and that sense of self
    exists only, in the images
    where our mementos
    await to be replayed
    a constant loop of curated, daydreams
    in a dreamless state)
    maybe, wishfully
    personally, I will settle
    for anything close to that
    dear Poet

    • Coolcuk

      Fantastic pal, your rhymes are incredible!

    • jazzwa30

      so true society today is so centered around their image good read

      • Coolcuk

        Yes, it needs a reset. Thanks very much!

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