Worldly Love

can love be found

in a world of material things?

where wedding means fancy

and everything means IG-worthy


can love be love 

if it does not come from above?

will you live out love

where none of you is a gentle dove?


would love be pure 

when our intentions are now impure?

corrupted and lured,

how does one be cured?


can love be selfless

when one is selfish

could we love passionately,

when nothing lasts eternally?


can love be Godly

when affairs start worldly?

  • Author: Hann (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 5th, 2022 01:49
  • Category: Love
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  • L. B. Mek

    a lovely, searching write
    I couldn't help trying to scribble
    a little poetic reply
    thanks for sharing and inspiring me
    dear poet:
    (love, is so simple
    it is us that complicate everything
    love, is a straight forward equation
    chemistry, safety, peace, arousal
    divided, by
    integrity, willingness, determination
    and hope
    if anyone, equates
    to such measurements, then
    they have a budding potential
    for introducing love, into our lives
    we merely need to water our connections
    and wait to see
    how strong, a stem
    can be formed out of nature's, gifts
    and obstacles..
    that's love, divine or earthly
    it's all just haphazard opportunity
    actualised by effort, into our reality
    the rest
    is all, romcoms and buttery popcorns
    on winter's nights, all alone)

    • Hann

      Thank you for your poetic reply, L.B.Mek. I love it.

    • Osei Zion

      I like this poem. Thanks

      • Hann

        I am so glad you like it, Zion.

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