From Deep Of Mind

To express the feelings of thy thoughts
The abyss of deep thought is that of what’s sought
Simple is not the portrait from which thy brush taught
For this mind is of one not for the many to comprehend
A tunnel of unpredictability forming from unknown locations
I’ve only just started with thy written vocations
Born of a gift wrote steady in slow motion rotations
A well of water replaced with the source of thy thoughts

Drown in the sorrow, wave of emotions.
The mind very vast and the thoughts merely pass.
Cut my own feet as I walk over glass, pain never last's.
its always, temporary.
thoughts bloom and flourish but yet never stay,
Down on my knees for thy hands do I pray.
Touch and caress,
let me feel all the love that for so long I was neglected,
your love numbs the pain, as if its corrected.
My thoughts help me cope as they flow I'm protected.

  • Authors: kendlefirth, Fewer_true_words
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  • Finished: August 16th, 2022 12:36
  • Limit: 2 stanzas
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  • Category: Reflection
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  • Robert Tilleard

    Thanks for your message. Have you thought of doing a video of Deep of Mind? - it's a great rap. Mix the rhythms.

  • jazzwa30

    great poem

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