The Battle Yet To Lose

Tia Davis/テイア

In and out of madness


Set back by blood


Depression is a silent killer they say


But my pain is loud and clear


Screaming in agony for me to heal


What is this healing I swore I feel


What does it mean


Sad to numb mad to screams


Closet closed in the monster I always knew was inside


It cried and screamed like me


I crawl out in front of my mirror just to see what I always believed


I am my own pain and agony


And my breeder helps the killing


Eyes open but seem to be shut now completely out of both worlds


When I die bury me with chrysanthemums and pearls


From the colors red to pink the shades of my heart


Once I drown in my own stream of misery 


Know that I am home


A familiar place 


A familiar smell of salt, diablerie and a load of despondency


That has once tried to consume me


Now succeed


Let me drown the deeper I go the bigger my smile grows


Giving in is never what I did but only met my fate


How things should go but manys hearts can't take



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  • Author: Tia Davis/テイア (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 9th, 2022 14:45
  • Comment from author about the poem: I have been sick for a long time now I no longer will feel like I failed if I were to be consumed by it. Because I am only human why is death a fail when death is just as important as life it's self and very much there.
  • Category: Letter
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