Experiences we take away


Starlets walk down the ramp

with chiselled noses and brushed-up cheeks

in fashionista’s designer couture

and laurel wreaths worn like the Greeks.


Deserving the attention that they seek,

interest of onlookers stays at its peak.

Wandering eyes stick to that scene

as if the folks are watching their queen.


Such beautiful human faces

as we see through the sheen,

is a mere arrangement of cells

that makes them so serene.


As you walk the ramp in my mind

I stay captivated as I get an eyeful,

Your shine blurs every other face

you’re so resplendent and beautiful.


I have seen many happy people

as they laugh without care,

when you laugh and smile,

you have an attraction rare.


The smiles are worth a capture

those who smile from their soul,

A laugh so sincere and infectious

describes a person in the whole.


Voices so resonant and mellow

like nightingales, when they sing,

but when you whisper and speak

it flows and sounds like a spring.


Like Jasmine there are flowers

which can inflame desires,

when I inhale your fragrance

those flames become wildfires.


So many wonders in this world

which give us different impressions,

our maturity and experience,

can turn’em into worthy expressions.


As individuals, we are born alone

and alone we shall pass away.

We gather experiences in this world

and only experiences we take away.


Challenges of survival and desires

keep us busy in our entire lives,

let’s take a deep breath and think

and make some happy archives.


Fear flies away in togetherness

love, care and attention foster life.

Creativity is a bedrock of happiness

there we can counter strife.


We share this world together,

with some feelings of belonging

the way I feel the connectedness

only that keeps me longing.

  • Author: Max (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 10th, 2022 02:54
  • Category: Friendship
  • Views: 13


  • Bella Shepard

    To love deeply, is a gift. To be able to express it as you have in this poem is to be treasured. Beautiful!

  • adventuressmalik

    Thank you !

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