A rudderless life’s, rhythmicality

L. B. Mek


Reading all our I’s and Me’s

in seemingly self-absorbed, poetry

of en vogue, all-forgiving victimology  

posing, in worded form

of frenetically frantic

impassioned, confessions

of voiceless

digital binary laments of life


this is no pity party, concert

of youthful conceit 

or grey haired, embittered status

this, that pure passion

as our thinking’s, inking

teardrop ocean storms

trying to find rhyme or reason

to hapless modernity’s

endless waves of mind-fck, tsunamis! 


This, is instead

a dialectical, humdrum 

of wisdom seeking traditions

that duality of unspoken wishes

in all-things, existence

and self-expression’s, rainless


as hope’s, lighthouse beacons


outing, ourselves 

to a blank canvas and a judgemental

cursor, blinking expectant

as we try, time n again


our failings and successes

all in an effort

to reach a semblance 

of wholeness


birthed in-to, bankrupt


so all we know, is woe is me

victim status

as life’s, invisible shackles


consuming any n all, momentary


thumbs, endlessly flicking up

eyes, darting wildly in search for tiktok

distractions, ignoring

that true tick-tock of our finite, futures



from our rudder-Less, existence 

we navigate 

by dipping our fingers, in qwerty shark waters

and rowing, lifeline dinghies of Poesy

with our outstretched creativity’s, tippy-toes



no one, bothered

to teach us


which bruises and scars

to value and discard

so we’re making it up

as we stumble

and climb up, like

batman movie quotes

as our only avenues

to those practicalities of life


flowing, seamlessly

upon a page

of poetic cyclicality’s 



this, that shared horizon

of warped normality

and crawling discomfort

in our very own skin.


kids, teaching themselves to fight

on other people’s knuckles 

while society teaches youtube

makeup shortcuts

to five-year-old, vassals 

of failed parenthood’s, parentheses 

afterthought, thoughts of accountability 


‘We’, now deemed

an archaic wilting ideology 

so you and us

need to seek, a new 


kNew } trajectory

in-fact, let’s try a chain-Less, togetherness 

without titles, as limitations 








where adding, U to I

stirs-up a cocktail devoid of toxic inferences

let’s design our own, metric-based empathetic


expectation-Less, spelling out that U & I

of regained: UnIty


drink, happily

let it flow smooth

like Tennessee Whiskey

or full bodied 

like Dublin’s Guinness  

or better yet, sip

that alcohol free

in Nature’s abundant, gaiety 

either way, living

while leaving no room

for life’s fearmongering, rigidity 

we move to survive

one line, at a Time!


who needs abstractness

or ground-breaking inspiration’s, contextually

in wording their own, depictions of reality

let’s just ink, like we speak

and think, as free as we blink

make all those artistry’s taboos

our b’tch

and base our conversations 

upon bravery’s, broad shoulders

anchored, to that Phoenix - self

we feel residing/awaiting

in our minds and tattered hearts


proclaim, Proudly

that these grouping of alphabets

weaved, from dark crimson pools 

of invisible, crimson spills

and weighty backpacks full of hurt

state our volition, loud

for this is our ‘age of anxiety’s’


‘Fck U, and your formless rules

grammatical correct, hollow bul’sht

this, is our I & Me: self-emancipation


and with each syllable we pen, its setting us




© L. B. Mek

January 2022

  • Author: L. B. Mek (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 19th, 2022 02:41
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Fay Slimm.

    This outpouring of need for writers to reassess has to be the best of your best dear Mek - your talented word-play denounces the I-age and pleads like no other - - into my list of favourites goes this grand jewel for poets like me to read and digest.

    • L. B. Mek

      wow! dear Fay
      whenever you connect with my scribbles
      and word such encouraging comments
      I feel like Poesy's wings are unfurling
      all around me..
      you humble me with your kindness
      and I thank you! wholeheartedly

    • crypticbard

      One of the ways to rid poetry of the “I’s” and “me’s” is to write in 2nd or 3rd person, a projection and sublimation of sorts. Then the metaphors begin to come alive. Or so it would seem. 😊

      • L. B. Mek

        maybe but I like the power and wilful volition
        in the I, speaking directly to the reader
        no room for backtracks and interpretations
        its better when we mean what we say
        we have prose for all the posing stuff, but Poesy
        should be a place of sincerity..
        (at least for me, but each to their own)
        but all Art is wild and beautifully diverse
        can never be tamed
        merely caged for a while...

        • crypticbard

          Oh perish the thought, dear Mek, that the use of metaphors and variations of speaking voice be a sign of insincerity. Even the insincere could be seen as sincerely insincere if they do not feign to their readers as with bowing and scraping only to have behind them ulterior motives. Feigned insincerity is as loathsome as feigned sincerity. I suppose this is part and parcel of the mad wildness of art and its transcendence over the banal and mundane.

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        • dusk arising

          You voice well the concerns of any of us thoughtful writers who have seen many moons. Sometimes I challenge myself not to write so obviously about me but i'm sure you, together with any who have read my outpourings on mps, can see it as just a ruse. It's stil decrepit old dusk waffling and whingeing away about life.

          Long and short of it for me is all about what motivates me to write on any occasion. Todays missive was a spurof the moment job inspired by a quick browse through todays MPS titles. Sudden inspiration (which has been waining of late) and i went with the flow.

          Enjoyed the journey reading your post today and you certainly covered some ground.

          • L. B. Mek

            lol sorry, it was a little long
            thank you for such a considered
            and guiding response, dear Poet
            I read and learn

            • dusk arising

              Why so humble LBM, you're a top notch poet and MPS is lucky to have your posts. We are all learning. Don't apaologise for length. If it needs to be said, then let it be said. For your reader it's a pleasure to be led on a colourful journey which encompasses many 'sideshows' each in their own right deserving of comment.

            • a thousand wishes

              ummm, this is absolutely fantastic. I mean for starters, your vocabulary is so beautiful, that's a really nice word bank. Plus, the raw emotion in this poem is bursting at the seams. TBH c in terms of experience your work is much older and more mature. I love it

              • L. B. Mek

                how very kind, thank you!
                I read, learn and am inspired
                by talented Poets like yourself

              • a thousand wishes

                and tbh i agree with it, this poem is definitely in my top 3 favorites

                • L. B. Mek

                  Awesome! thank you again
                  but yeah
                  I just felt like people think
                  because they write in a certain way
                  it demeans the worth of their work
                  but I feel its just
                  a stylistic component
                  than a quality, one
                  so these words were just a way
                  of saying, so what
                  maybe some of us do write
                  a little too sylvia plath, confessional
                  who cares
                  as long as it works for us!
                  (or something like that)

                • dean langmuir

                  good write LB,enjoy your day

                  • L. B. Mek

                    thank you! dear Poet
                    you have a peaceful week as well
                    stay safe

                  • sorenbarrett

                    L.B. This was quite a bit to be said. Poetry and sincerity should go hand in hand, if not it shows. The title is the indicator. As per usual well crafted and passionately emotive.

                    • L. B. Mek

                      'passionately emotive'
                      I might have to borrow this, dear Poet
                      and thank you! so glad you connected with the overall message
                      'Poetry and sincerity should go hand in hand'
                      (in my humble opinion)

                    • Olivia.

                      consuming any n all, momentary
                      thumbs, endlessly flicking up
                      eyes, darting wildly in search for tiktok
                      distractions, ignoring
                      that true tick-tock of our finite, futures

                      I really enjoyed this part especially!
                      Time is tic -tocking away.

                      • L. B. Mek

                        yeah, Time creeps-up on us and dissipates
                        in betwixt, morning's first sipped tea or coffee
                        and our evening's wine or whiskey...
                        thank you! so glad you enjoyed the read

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