Questions of Heart

Why I'm so obsessed with foreign affection,
Though I know I have infinite warm.
Why I have insecurities about life,
Though I know it is not for life time.
Why I can't get off this miserable pain,
Though I can bloom with the bliss of white.
Why I don't afford to let it go,
Though I had always escaped from it,
Why all this crap have a shelter in my mind,
Though there are much worthy things waiting aside.
Why this bodily dress of mine crawl upon the holy earth,
Though I beware of fact : living every moment is might.
Why my feelings are in battle with time,
Though it is the only truth for every soul on the ground.
Why I can't fly towards sky,
Though I longed it since very night.

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  • Finished: September 11th, 2022 07:00
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