Millions of white lies

Dr.Suryaraju Mattimalla

You have constructed millions of white lies.
"White is beauty."
White is civilization.
"White is science."
White is progressive.
White is liberal.
White is radical.
White is a philosopher.
White is knowledge.
White's rationale.
White is humane.
"White is peace."
White is right.
White is burden.
White is change.
"White is equality."
"White is fraternity."
White is freedom.
White is the truth.
"White is love."
White is equity.
White is horizontal.
White is tolerant.
White is multicultural.
You are tolerant to non-black skin.
You are multicultural with non-black skin.
White is an adventure.
White is an angel.
You have become an ambassador for lies.
But we find that you are a racist.
But we find that you are a hypocrite.
But we find that you are a liar.
But we find that you are a thief.
But we find that you are a criminal.
We are unraveling your legacy of colonialism.
Your legacy of lies
Your legacy of sadomasochistic ideology
Your legacy of crimes against humanity
As Aimé Césaire said,
You are today’s Hitler with black skin.
Just like South Asian to untouchable caste person.
Hitler is you.
Manu is your name.
You are white, Manu.
You are a white Brahmin.
A Brahmin is you.
You are South Asian.
South Asian is you.
Japan is you.
You are Japanese.
You internalized Brahmin, Samurai, Bania, and Shudra ideology.
You are the Samurai.
You are a Samurai.
You are Bania.
Bania is you.
Shudra is you.
You are a Shudra.”
Dr. Suryaraju Mattimalla
Why I Am Not Indian: The Untouchable Rejecting India's Citizenship

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