Just Breathe

They say just breathe
But it aint that simple
Panic attacks feel like I’m being held underwater
I see everybody watching
Nobody is saying anything
I can’t speak
Breathing is taking more energy than I have
Feeling sick, wondering if I will be
Panicking is an out of body experience for me
I see myself
I want to help
But I am simply a ghost that can only watch while my brain wreaks havoc on me
I see myself from the ceiling
From the other side of the room
From behind myself sometimes
Once the wave passes it leaves me motionless,
Unable to breathe, think, just a body without a soul
I know it will pass but my brain tries to defy logic
I am safe, I am here, I am alive
I finally will my fingers to move slowly
Followed by my head, arms and legs
Panic attacks will always try to beat me but I am stronger.

  • Authors: PhoeAlexSa
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  • Finished: September 17th, 2022 15:30
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: Be honest, but be nice, it's personal :)
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  • Bree3

    This is deeply moving and very descriptive, especially the feeling like you are outside of your own body. Thank you for sharing.

  • jonnyc1

    Thanks for sharing this very real piece. Please keep writing and sharing. Well done.

  • PhoeAlexSa

    thank you so much :))

  • orchidee

    There's an old joke -I tried not breathing for 24 hours one day. I did not feel very well after it! I was only trying to save the planet some air! lol.

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