a thousand wishes

Compromising love

I can't control you any more than
I can control the sun rising
And I know I don’t own you
But I'm sick of my own surprising love
Never saw it coming
Something new is arising
No more comprising love

It pains to see you with another
You're not mine but I know we feel for each other
Wish I could wish the feelings away
You seem to be coming my way
Oh what can I say love
No more compromising love

Sick of patronizing love
sick of my undying love
breathing inside and out
only for you, and love
is a hurricane that I can never tame...
Do you feel the same?
If I'm up and gone will you remain
All i want is a smile on your face
knowing that i know you'll say
This isn't surprising love, no more comprising love
no more of my undying love for you...

  • Authors: a thousand wishes, شاء
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  • Finished: September 22nd, 2022 12:00
  • Limit: 10 stanzas
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