Spine Crime

PoetVids - I am WriteBeLight only in Video Version :)

I originally posted this some 5 years ago under my Pseudonym WriteBeLight. The video is slightly different.

It was like a balancing act,
This little squirt that I saw.
His knapsack equal to him,
Making him stand up so tall.
But, the appearance of just fine,
Was not fine at all to me.
I was wondering by day's end,
How much pain his back feels?
The weight of his knapsack,
Was keeping him straight up,
But, why is the acceptable,
Treating his spine so abrupt?
Why so much homework,
In so many big books?
What's his teacher thinking?
Is anyone taking a look?
It is obvious to me,
As I wait for him to cross.
Does the Crossing Guard care?
See the potential loss?
This sweet looking little kid,
Trying to walk his very best.
Maybe balance the load,
With a front-worn knapvest?
Or maybe these books,
Could come in CD form.
Eliminate the weight,
When carrying homework home.
The loss of good posture,
The back pain for years.
Potential permanent damage,
To his spinal column I fear.
But, it's not just this little one.
It's all kids, all grades.
I want to shout out,
For the kids that I crusade.
Or, maybe say nothing,
My kids went through the same.
But, I have to be honest,
To school in my car they came.
But, the kids who are walkers,
Or, to those on the bus,
Something must be said,
From each and all of us.
So, if this little one falls,
I'll help him to his feet.
Maybe stop into the front office,
With the principal to meet.
Ask him what he thinks,
Is this something for the Committee?
Spend some of the school budget,
On books for DVR or CD.
Or will he blow me off.
Tell me he'll get back.
Makes me kind of wonder,
Vested interest in knapsacks?
Or, is it the annual raises,
Maybe his that he protects,
On the backs of the school kids,
With sore spines and stiff necks. 

  • Author: PoetVids (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 10th, 2022 10:00
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote this when my children were in school. I could not believe how much they had to carry in their backpacks.
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