You Walked Away

Never believed I could break any further

Thought after all the scars I was stronger

Until you walked away with another

Nothing had ever hit me harder

Overwhelming even the abuse from my mother and father


Didn't stop to think we weren't truly meant to be

Letting every hope and dream for us blind me

Blindly giving you my hearts' key

Ignoring what turned out to be the deceit of your hearts' sea

Until my heart was stung by your lies repeatedly

Still, your insincere apologies were delivered convincingly


Round and round it endlessly went

My heart received dent after dent

Love and forgiveness given but never spent

Still refusing to see your game that was so evident

Yet your hold you had yet to relent


Further, into your insidious plan, I fell and fell

your deceit a seemingly endless well

Eventually, it became my earthly hell

Until you finally broke your spell

Along with every promise and vow, I heard you tell


Knowing the truth, I still believe

Deep down that maybe you loved me

Still denying what so many others see

That you were a viper disguised as a cuddly bunny

Your success was all due to my carelessly given hearts key

So moving on I have yet to achieve

Just know until this world I leave


At your feet, my heart will always lay

Even though I was just a game for you to play

Until that cold and dreary day

Without a look back you walked away

  • Author: Annabeth Isabella Thatcher (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 10th, 2022 20:44
  • Category: Love
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