Chanel T.

Pretty Girl, Pretty Tears

Pretty Girl, Pretty Tears 
She’s loving, she’s generous, she’s in love, she’s upset, she’s confused, she’s irritated, she’s confronted. She’s anxious, and she’s muted. 

She’s told to let it go, she’s told to get out of her head, she’s told to silence the situation, she’s told to mask it all in. She knows the thoughts will continue to taught her and her relationship. 

She doesn’t want to lose her love….but the thoughts feed off of the anticipation. It feeds off of the silent treatments, the apologizing, the threats, the roller coaster of a situation that keeps on happening. 

She knows deep down inside that someone is going to walk away. She feels it in her sad heart….the warm pretty tears continue to fall down her matted face. She’s tried to fight off the thoughts, the feelings, the what ifs….but it just makes it worse. She holds her emotions in whenever she sees him. She smiles and apologizes again…..but in the end all she wants is certainty and the security that she is the only woman he sees and wants in his life to love. She wants to be number one. When she loves….she loves hard. She just wants the same thing in return. 

  • Author: Chanel T. (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 13th, 2022 06:53
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  • jenny.g

    Wow this made me cry! Beautiful write!

  • Chanel T.

    Thank you so much💕 I’m happy you enjoyed the read.

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