The Dream

Heavenly diamonds sparkle overhead

Frost settles on the needles of an evergreen forest

A dense and heavy fog blankets everything in its stead

A solitary owl implores who in a state of unrest

Sweeping through the forest the fog spreads a chilling sense of dread

Rapidly crunching footfalls are the only protest

Silently wishing for nothing more than to wake safely in bed


Shadows coalesce fed by fear and uncertainty

Her worst nightmares ooze from the folds of the shadows

Assaulting an already delicate and fragile psyche

Pursued by the worst of enemies and her fellows

As she runs, a thought strikes her with stunning clarity

The image of a hangman's noose swaying above the gallows

As the wind howls, it steals what remains of her sanity


Her flight becomes a mad and frantic scramble

To terror, she is now a loyal thrall

Cut and scratched by seemingly endless thorns and brambles

Snared by a reaching root she begins to fall

Her breath hitches as she decides to take a gamble

Almost tempted to heed the silences siren song to not even crawl

She forces herself to stand and begins to weakly amble


All around her forest life takes frantic flight

In the confusion, she becomes hopelessly snared

Held immobile by her crippling fright

She can't recall ever being so scared

As the monstrosity enters her line of sight

With deadly and malicious intent fangs are bared

There is no doubt in her mind that she'll die tonight


Falling backward in retreat, force her back to a tree

The monstrosities howl sends her heart into its final distress

Eyes flutter closed so they no longer see

Instead of agonizing pain, there is a soft caress

Her mind reels at the improbability

Opening her eyes reveals a woman clad in a pristine white veil and dress

Of all things the stranger radiates security


A gloved hand rests on her cheek

Held in a gaze so tender and sweet

Safety is something she no longer has to seek

Her smile never misses a beat

As she takes the has, she no longer feels weak

Hand in hand they walk away in retreat

Forever fondly of her lady shall she speak






  • Author: Annabeth Isabella Thatcher (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 15th, 2022 18:16
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is the second part to Forbidden Desire, The dream that is alluded to
  • Category: Love
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