Reminiscence of a life untold


She sat alone in a bench in the cemetry

With the sunhat drawn to cover her face

It doesn’t show the wrinkles around her eyes

All that remains as evidence to the hours long

She spent day after day nurturing her children

And now…her Grandchildren


A Grandmother…

Grand she is in everyway …

From the way she cooks these meals from scratch

With recipes she herself had stumbled across

To the way she smiles through trials, life offers

There was a time she was young and immature

In the very beginning

When she became a daughter-in -law

She looked at her hands

Once soft and delicate with the mark of her

marital relationship encircling her ring finger

Now hardened,creased but efficient and strong

Stable…cradled in them generations

Her story untold was fascinating

To her grand children,

The many children she birthed,she knew the likes and dislikes of

She was home to all

A beacon of hope

A refuge in times of distress

Her only pillar was her husband ofcourse

They had understood eachother with a mere look

Their marriage a finely aged wine

The Grandmother wiped a tear from her eye

She stood up  and walked onwards

Arranged the flowers beside her husbands grave

Dandelions were his favourite

All but one she kept with her

To accompany her home

The sweet memory of her late husband




  • Author: lovepoetry (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 17th, 2022 02:46
  • Category: Family
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  • jenny.g

    Beautiful write. I feel like I know her

    • lovepoetry

      Thanks 😊

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