Poem, Living Life


Time, Memories, Present, Future.

A way I like to look at it is this,

I am a ship sailing on time,

My past is behind me where my memory guides me as I have one hand on the rudder for steering, leaving hopefully many happy memories with loved ones.

My Future is just ahead where my goals guide me as I have one hand on the wheel guiding me to hopefully a better day and a brighter future.

And me right in the middle living life the best as I can in the moment, sharing & caring for all of said loved ones especially the ones like me, the hard cases.

Is that the reality I live in, well I do count on Family & Friends to be my helpful ones on this journey called Life to say if and or when I am being a Jackass of Jackassery.  

  • Author: AwHec8 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 17th, 2022 09:39
  • Comment from author about the poem: When you live your life Well, or at least even if you Don’t you at least live & learn. Then you have something over those of youth, the surety of looking back and knowing I have lived my life in Love, in Truth, in Reality and did accomplish something. So, I did have a full Life because I lived well (at the very least lived & learned). A Cut Short Life can be a life lived very well (no matter how short it is cut) when the meaning attached to it surpasses the grief of the loss. Oh, and I believe we all don't really become full-fledged adults, fully fleshed out Human Beings of Accountability until we reach the age of 40 (as the rule, not the law), so then we do really start living life and slow down our roll a bit. Not just running the "race" so to speak. Just some thoughts Don
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  • Doggerel Dave

    You are in a contemplative mood, Don.
    Good to hear from you - been a while.

    • AwHec8

      Yeah, been away for a while. Always good to hear from you Doggerel Dave. Thank You for the kind comments. Don

    • Eileen Clark

      Hello, this is very moving and it sounds like your living your life well and doing your best. The first half of my life was not good and of course, I was young. The second half and still living it is better. I enjoyed reading your writing, thank you.

      • AwHec8

        Thank You Eileen Clark for your heartfelt response. Don

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