Demons and The Darkness

Darkness falls silent and eerie

Shadows lengthen into nightmare entities

Blood red eyes shine brightly

Embracing the Demons as family and not enemies


Knowing they will remain when everyone else bails

Always providing a warped sense of comfort

Like a soothing balm for all my ails

The Darkness is an ever-present cohort


As I slowly try to piece together my shattered psyche

Opening wounds on razor-edged memories

Dragging the truth into clarity

Revealing all my past follies

Desperately trying to find my finality


Even though my Demons and Darkness are my security

I still long to be whole

An undying desire for some unity

A need for a completed soul

Just to feel peace and serenity


But most of all they fill the void

The strongest wish to be worthy

Though destiny decreed my life to be love devoid

That knowledge the constant threat to my sanity

A gaping hole impossible to avoid

That truth and pain felt most acutely


So my demons I continue to caress

In the darkness I cacoon myself

To this, I must confess


  • abstract_meow111

    Looking for the a tiny bit of light within the darkness can save many. Great Poem, I do mainly write poems of faith and trust but I also do many that are during my depressed days. Only way I made it was believing a new day would be there for me filled with beauty and laughter especially when sobbing that's when telling myself that was truly needed, I am much improved but if the soul is jaded it must seek love in order to survive this world and whats in it.

    • darknessandlight

      Thank you for your kind words. I definitely still have some hope and I always seem to find the light and strength to push through.

    • shaa

      I'm in love with the ending

      • darknessandlight

        Thank you, that is a huge compliment!!

      • Mr. Not

        I can relate to this to some level, thoughts and feelings turning into a burden, but at the same time you dont want to change beause it brings some kind of comfort.

        • darknessandlight

          I have changed so much but there are some things that I refuse to change not only because of the comfort they bring but also because of the strength and security they provide. It is better to embrace those things than ever let myself become weak and reliant on others to help me through them. I have walked through hell on my own with only my Demons and Darkness as companions and here I still stand today, as to where if I had tried to rely on another it could have been disastrous. Ego timeo nihil. Ego sto et morior solus.

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