DaPoetic InkStain { Terrance Nails}

Breathing Legend




                  Breathing Legend


Blessed to be breathing, wounded since the day's of seamen. Desperately speaking. Wounded and shocked, to know I'm the product of a woman and a rock! Father never wanted me so I'm emotionally lost. Wishing on a falling star 1 asked to be found.. the whispers that answered I wish I never found....... A pistol in I hand with a spider webbed mind. Blood red vision my deamon was found. Struggled for survival with none to be found. To more money I gained the more tost found. Pay a penny for my thoughts only to drown. In sorrow and pain. Because 1 am blessed to be breathing! This a known fact. Like A gun to my head, and largel on my back. Because the cause of all this is "me being Black. "Blessed to be breathing don't deny me that..




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