Life’s a little bit weird

Sometimes a little bit feared

Life is unpredictable

Sometimes unable to be prepared for

Life can be an old trail

Overgrown and hard to figure out

Life can be a white-water river

Fast and dangerous

Life can seem like the underworld

Fear bringing and dark

Life can be dull

Seeming to move as slow as it can

Life can be a pitcher

Throwing curveballs and fastballs 24/7

Life can be loud and overstimulating

Forcing sounds, colors, letters, numbers, and more

Life can seem to have everything against you

Making your will to breathe smaller on the daily

Life is all that

Yet more

Life can be fun

Like skating without falling for the first time

Life can be an open book

Nothing to be kept secret

Life can be an old trail

One that you know by heart

Life can be a small creek

Slow and calming

Life can be like Mt. Olympus

Impressive and bright as lightning

Life can be fast

Never getting any slower

Life can be like Jackie Robinson

Hitting every chance for a home run

Life can be quiet and soothing

Giving you the perfect sounds, colors, and words

Life can be generous

Giving you perfect people and environments

Life is a roller coaster

Going up, down, left, right, anyway it can

Life is everything

But most of all

Life is Life

  • Author: YoungPoet21 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 21st, 2022 12:34
  • Category: Reflection
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