The mere remembrance of your name
It brings me pain
The name that sparked a joyous flame 
Now brings confusion, shame. 

To ban the thoughts out, to play that game
Is to no gain.
They come again. I cannot wane
Their coming train.

What else to do but to succumb
To feeling numb.
Not quite so numb, but very dumb.
To simply hum.

To hum and croon the tunes
Each of us used
To cast away our anxious blues.
My only truce. 
Them I could use.

I still remember you and me.
We used to be
So happy, free to a degree.
Who could foresee
That we would flee?

But was it always really so?
On a plateau?
Did it in fact exist and grow?
Or did it glow.

A glowing ember lit on fire
Just like a groaning heart’s desire
Whet lit,
It either bursts to brilliant light
Illuminating all the night
Or it explodes beyond all measure --
Becomes the cause of great displeasure.

We’d never let the cinder catch on fire
In case the set-up would backfire
And we’d conspire with ourselves
To never be caught unawares --
To always wear a mask
Of utter disregard.

We set up facades of indifference
But nay,
Perhaps it was some sort of diffidence?
In the unknown -- no confidence. 
We did not want to face the consequence
Of suffering rejection.

Whatever was the case
Your memory I can’t erase.

That in itself is not a shame
Forever will your cherished name
Keep echoing on all four barren walls
Of the abode it called its home for long–
My heart. 

  • Author: Meowsic (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 21st, 2022 18:07
  • Category: Love
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