love comes a callin'

love stops 

outside my window

and i think of you


maybe love will look

like you this time around,

and maybe i’m just forever

hopeful in my romance


but i recognize the way

your eyes crinkle at the corners

when you smile just for me


and this love,

their hands feel the same 

as yours brushing against mine

when i hold something 

out to you


and if that thing were

my heart, pinned and framed

like a pretty, pretty moth

would that be the worst?


and maybe i’ll invite

love inside this time,

offer them some coffee

and muffins i just pulled

out of the toaster oven


maybe this love,

it will stay a while,

rest their weary body

and give me a chance


to prove myself

a worthy traveling companion

just one more time 


and if not, well,

i’ll keep my curtains open

and the porchlight on

just the same 


for the next time

love comes a callin’

  • Author: Boaz Priestly (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 21st, 2022 21:14
  • Category: Love
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  • Goddess of the Mist

    Love it! It gave me a little shiver - that's how I know it's good 👍😊

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