Treasure hunt


Hide`n`seek at the backyard

Before our lips were taught how to smile politely

Drawing maps for midnight treasure hunting

Only to fall asleep before even the sun is down


Riding bikes to the lakes

Searching for new adventures every day

The sea, the mountains and the stars

Never scared of the wind and falling down


Making unexpectedly sharp turns

Crying over bleeding knee after fall

Improvising the back story of how we get here to our moms

Sipping tea, while they joke that

We are now the real pirates

Though without the ship

But that`s just for now


Dreaming without second guessing

Believing the world is made for us to fly

Before cutting our wings off

We were showing off our newest scars

Sitting under the big old tree

Laughing about all the mistakes

And swearing we will make them again

And will never leave each other's side


Now I`m sitting at the airport lounge

Counting money, long forgotten of the risks we chased before

I catch sight of the stranger's face that is buried in the phone

reminding me of children we were once before

If I could add to their eyes some stars and

subtract so many years of sleepless nights

Could I have recognized you then?


We swore that day to always stay the same

Guess we both made a promise that we had no chance to keep

  • Author: mary.soft (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 22nd, 2022 04:45
  • Category: Children
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  • User favorite of this poem: Paul Bell.


  • Paul Bell

    Where does the time go, and how can we get back to the old times?
    Isn't life strange.

    • mary.soft

      Life is most certainly strange

    • Bella Shepard

      This is a poem of youth and remembrance so beautifully and lovingly written. You cannot read it without being touched by the emotion in each stanza, that assurance we feel as children that everything will always be the same. You have a great gift my friend!

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