Meditate, to visualize



Meditate, to visualize 



The trigger that jolted me to life,

staying through peaks and dives

In its absence, the physical state,

ceases, declared fait accompli


I meditate, to visualize if this entity,

would willingly depart pulsating beat

For a fleeting moment though may it be

Separation, achieving ultimate feat 


In that moment, passed will have eons

I’ll see, my companion, source of my being,

Converse with my AURA, of its journey,

arrest the torment, reach logical reasoning

  • Author: SureshG (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 22nd, 2022 05:51
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Neville

    I can see & feel precisely where you are coming from .. I practice twice daily as a rule but must confess, sometimes things get in the way ... N

    • SureshG

      It would be blissful to converse with one’s Aura/Soul/Atma, and learn about the true essence of being, the purpose of existence, the meaning of continuance - and the joke behind creation.
      It is as always a pleasure to hear from you.

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