There are no gains

There is an emptiness in life

that I fail to grab and understand

as I walk in the  valley of life

offering me the pleasantries of life I have

never been comforted in my sweat and cravings

and there is not any uniqueness in what I have

uncover, I have searched but never found

the rhythm of life to which I am summoned

Everyone seemed to be in a rush not recalling

the last step and turn taken,


I have suffered to be alone wondering the journey

ahead that I never predicted,

Is it good or bad?

My journey of life and what lies ahead of me?

is my life of forgiveness and great judgment,

satisfaction can't be assumed and taken for granted

there in no person who can own another  life, I

have shielded myself from harm and in return

I have earned miserable thoughts

society has controlled my life, society has dictated its

laws, culture and tradition, and I have owned but not

owned society, I have given to society but society has taken

away my independence; society likes norms more than life

can appreciate and life has it's limitations and boundaries

that no person could comprehend.


The destination of my life is in my hands

and have mastered my life to be cautious 

and to be gentle with the truth and there aren't

multiple lives in a single life, life is given

life is taken away into oblivion and death can't

relive your past life and death robs and can't

offer consolation and peace, no one is saved by death

and have wondered how life survives the ravages of life

and there are no gains in death and death has its own

world, rules which are not related to your past life, the

secrets of death are never known in this current life,

the secrets of death are silent never to be uncovered

death is unsearchable, and no one knows the tasks that

death can provide, peace in death is elusive and death offers

no prospects for peace, no one knows the destination and the

path of peace in death, death can offer wise judgment and life's

future is taken away through death.


Life has gained its place in the season of truth.


Where the is life there is an abundance of peace.


  • Author: Solomon (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 22nd, 2022 10:08
  • Category: Reflection
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