I Wish


I wish i could be mirror

Then you would take a picture, and stand in front of me whenever you have time

You will be the only one i see 

And you will know without me even telling you that you shine


I wish i could be your pillow

Which you keep squeezing whenever going through tough times

Just like that i will absorb all your tears and your cries


I wish i could be that bear

Which is always by your side

And when you don't see it, you starts to cry and your eyes go dry

And the moment you find it, 

There you see, that relief and genuine smiles


I wish i could be a diary, on which you write about your times

Doesn't matter they were good or bad sometimes

A diary which knows about the things that you do when you are by yourself

I would know about your thoughts when you are angry or dieing of embarrassment and wanna hide in your shelf

I could be the one you you would tell anything without any worries

And someone who will listen to all your made up stories

I could be someone who can see your true self without any eyes

And i could be the one who will never say you good byes


But if i becomes a mirror 

I might break and my pieces might hurt you

If i becomes a pillow

After sometime i might never able to absorb you

If i become a Bear 

The thoughts that i might get replaced places me in cold

And if i became a diary 

I might not be able to hold and ran out of pages and someday might get sold


I wish, i wish, i wish......

  • Author: Harshit (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 24th, 2022 14:46
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 15

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