On and on


Plagued by never-ending anxiety and doubts

Lost in a wasteland of depression and loneliness

Cut deeply and endlessly by memories of a shattered past

Always aimlessly adrift, seeking safety and sanctuary

Ever pointlessly praying for even a small reprieve

Gazing in the mirror wondering if I'll ever be worthy

Still my abused heart beats on and on

  • Author: Annabeth Isabella Thatcher (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 25th, 2022 22:26
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • hzugman

    Know that you are worthy and deserving of happiness. Next time you pass a homeless person. talk to them if even for a short time and you both will feel more worthy. And give them a small alms (if you can). They really appreciate socks so maybe carry a few pairs of them in your car for such a purpose. Excuse me for preaching.

    • darknessandlight

      That is really good advice and I am definitely going to try it. I carry a pocket of almonds with me for the squirrels when I go for walks, so making sure I have socks in the car won't be a problem. I definitely didn't take it as preaching, stay blessed.

    • Justa_Geezer

      I Know how that goes too, nice work, I think you left the T off heart in your final line !

      • darknessandlight

        Thank you, you are absolutely right. And I have no excuse for it, lol

        • Justa_Geezer

          No problem, just a typo !

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