Hand In Hand


I pledged to you once I'd stand by your side
no matter how happy or tough the ride,
and you gave me in such loving words
the most beautiful promise I've ever heard.
You said:  "I do" as you held my hand
and I counted myself a fortunate man.
Now as we live on the edge of time,
a few years ahead, a lot behind,
I sit in the stillness before first light,
creation is silent, embraced by the night
in an eerie quiet that covers the land
and in that moment I take your hand
as you rest in the arms of peaceful sleep
and I see all the years etched so deep.
Someone might say your hand is old
but what I see is a treasure of gold.
I see children and work and sacrifice,
all the times you paid a heavy price
when life wasn't easy, but you never quit.
And I'll be the first to gladly admit
that your strength is greater than you understand
and it's shown right here, in the lines in your hand.
Rest well, my love, for the morning arrives,
the gift of time which we shall prize
as we walk together across the land,
warmed by the Light, hand in hand.


  • darknessandlight

    This is so beautiful and so powerful. I can feel the love and care radiating from it. I sincerely hope one day to have this very same love and longevity with someone.

  • orchidee

    I was walking by the light, then I fell down a hole. Someone turned the light switch off. Doh! I didn't quite get the hang of things! lol.

  • Millennia_Chase

    so well written, I could feel the love though the words you stiched together.

  • Paul Bell

    The journey started through love, and the journey continued. I think you can look back and say. We did good.

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