Insanely Hilarious

Nostalgic Friendship

It'd been a year since I've seen you and you've grown older,
A little wiser, and always looking over your shoulder.
I wondered if you'd reached your milestones,
And questioned if your voice has changed its tones.


Sitting on a bench park, papers in one hand,

And a cup of coffee in the other,

We both know this was planned. 

And I brought you all out here, to see if you'd bother.


Your eyes read them, your voice frantic.

You glance up and you look static.

You make me wonder if I'd spelled it wrong,

But I realize you're too far gone. 


You look around, and you whisper,

"Are you crazy? Why aren't these words crisper?"

I shrug nonchalant, but you seem adamant. 

You repeat those words like they're the most important. 


"Does it matter? It tells all I wanna say." 

You look at me like I've lost my marbles. 

I wonder what I've forgotten, 

And ponder on why to each other we both seem foreign.


You glance at my eyes, and see the panic,

Cause I'm still wondering, did you see how those words intertwined with your soul?

Did you notice the anecdotes? Did you understand the inside jokes?

Because in the end, aren't we each other's burden to bear?


You sigh and tell me, "This is fantastic." 

I smile softly and mumble out a thanks, feeling ecstatic. 

Because the novel held between your hands,

tells a story, of what went down, between two old friends.




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