The Decepticon Triple Changer named Trypticon is going to destroy the Autobots' lair, which is terrible to know;

When Optimus Prime finds out about it, he orders Topspin and Twin Twist to battle their foe.


The Autobot Jumpstarters exit their lair and confront Trypticon, which is heroic as can be;

When Topspin transforms into a jet and flies, he uses his lasers to shoot Trypticon swiftly.


Topspin is unable to injure Trypticon and what I'm saying is true;

While Topspin distracts Trypticon, Twin Twist transforms into a dual drill tank and here are other things that he would do.


Twin Twist moves towards the Decepticon and drills two holes in one of Trypticon's feet;

The Decepticon jerk is injured, which is neat.


When Trypticon is afraid that Twin Twist will drill holes in his other foot, the Decepticon asshole flies away;

The Autobot Jumpstarters transform back into their robot modes and here's something else that I'll say.


Topspin and Twin Twist return to their lair, which is swell;

Optimus tells the Autobot Jumpstarters that they did a great job and that's all that I'll tell.

  • Author: hotidris (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 1st, 2022 21:16
  • Category: Fantasy
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  • Fay Slimm.

    Very good rhyming in this exciting tale my friend.

  • hotidris

    Thank you, Fay.

  • Paul Bell

    Reminds me of my transformers I had as a kid. Conquered the world with them.

  • hotidris


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