Be Careful What You Ask For (Miami Hurricanes Football)

So Miami wants,

a brand new stadium,

closer to their campus.

Without saying it directly;

their reason is,

'because all the good teams has one'.

They think a new stadium,

will make their team better,

but they should be careful,

for what they ask.

Remember Israel,

did the same thing,

when they wanted a king,

and their life,

was not an easy task.

Still, maybe,

the stadium will work,

or maybe it will be,

a huge waste.

Just do not think,

a brand new building,

is what's going,

to make them great.


  • Author: Dion P. Crown (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 2nd, 2022 00:07
  • Comment from author about the poem: This piece is a bit different than what I usually write. I am from Miami, and I really enjoy watching Miami Hurricanes Football. As someone who enjoys architecture, and who saw pictures of what the new stadium would look like, it would be nice to see it built. Still, a new stadium is not going to make a team win. Also, American football is real football (haha). ... but really, it is. Persistence is key
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  • orchidee

    I'm in a wrangle over a church building being rebuilt, that is just 60 years old. I can't stop anything. They're going ahead with it anyway.
    I might say it's not even a 'proper' church building, having grown up with spires, etc.
    You'll soon be broke financially if you go there!

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate you reading my piece.
      Again, thank you my brother in Christ.
      Persistence is key

    • bellflower

      Agree with you completely. We ask seeing only the instant situation but I am thankful to God that he sees everything and guides us to choose the best.
      I think if I were alone to take my decisions, i would have been a great mess...but in him I have much hope and he has never put me down...thanks for bringing this topic with good metaphorical link.
      Great Job.

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