My disorder

1. The shadows keeps following me
It’s things only I can see
Everyday I feel watched
But they can’t touch
I feel so unbelievably scared
It’s something I’ve never shared
2. Then sometimes I can feel unlovable
My feelings feels so unexplainable
Sometimes I really just wanna die
But I don’t want my family to cry
But I feel so absolutely numb
But I can’t explain where it came from
3. I feel it take me from my lowest to my highest
This is where I’ll think my ideas is brightest
This is when I will feel so untouchable
But the things I say is unforgivable
I don’t remember much of what I say
But this is sometimes the “good day”
4. I can’t control it
That I will admit
I need help
I can’t help myself
I need a doctor to help me
But my illness is something they can’t see..

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  • Finished: October 20th, 2022 16:30
  • Limit: 4 stanzas
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  • arflory90

    Hey, I understand how you feel. I struggle with depression day in and day out. I have felt alone in a large world. And still being here (Not exactly happy just existing) Is a dream come true. Waking up the next day makes everything better in a way. I understand how this poem can relate to you. I know what its like to feel stuck, and nobody understands. But know that despite whatever you are going through, you are never alone. there are people out there just like you.

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