Where are you in life?


Where are you in life are you where you hoped you’d be?

Plans were made and the course was set
The beginning was great, believed that will last
Midway the paths diverged leaving me alone
For a while I was lost, there was no one.
Someone helped me get up and walk again
In the process I made a friend, life’s gain
He made me realise there is more to life
Than to lament over things and be in grief
Now I realise that life is too short for regrets
It is a blessing, to be shared happily with others
Every day is new, some happy, some bittersweet
I am content where I am, and to be alive is great.

we had plans brother but look at them now
buried under what you have put down
locked up for 5 years who do I have now
you're gone my brother the dreams that I had
are about as dead as my dreams with my dad
you know he is gone you know I was sad
my childhood striped along with my home
and when you left I was really alone

Now I'm just muddling through each day not knowing how to feel and what to say
And though change has come I must be moving on to the future
For my time isn't up yet there is still work to do to get me to the place where I am once again with you
So keeping my head up and looking for the star with your name on it
Hoping that when it's my time God will stay legit with the good deeds I've done down here on Earth
So I can rest on high with my brother from birth

  • Authors: ruthtitus54, Mitra, Mr,apocalapse
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  • Finished: October 25th, 2022 14:00
  • Limit: 8 stanzas
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