Open Arms Welcome Poetry Muse

Ideally yours truly prefers

a she/her who never got prosecuted for a felon,

yet who most deaf fin knit lee

possesses sound blinding killer instincts

think miracle worker Anne Sullivan

signifying rendering phenomenal success

with one female named re: amazing Helen

exhibiting discerning admirable qualities
constituting intelligent witty male

despite his/him sports haunch size of a melon.


I gently beckon inspiration
for dalliance with mother tongue

English Language, each
singular lettered manifestation
familiar to yours truly symbolized
by panoply, sans twenty six letters,

whereby this patient wordsmith
luxuriates, when writer's block
yields sudden gush,
nee burst of creativity
dissolving impenetrable wall
mental log jammed impasse,

discourages literary ambitions

dashed exerted forcefulness
'pon cerebral terra incognita

counterproductive grip locks

figurative drawbridge begetting
utmost frustration allowing egress

and ingress constituting obstructed surge

temporarily disabling free and clear

transmission between damned fount

barricading abundant bajillion ideas

silent at loggerheads clangor and din
analogous between unswerving enemies

prepared to fight till the death,
exhausting mental energy expended

attempting armistice with futile results,

hence quixotic oft repeated
time tested metaphor

i.e. deliberate pressure foisted

upon seat of aging cerebral matter
inadvertently coloring fist sized organ
at least fifty shades of gray,
versus unexpurgated brainstorming

linkedin with unfettered restraint
breeds favorable prodigious ideas

jotted/ typed stream of consciousness fashion
modus operandi favorable to engender

receptive access, asper (gas) excellent see

i.e. entrance untrammeled leeway
with minimal clash of opposing
titanic invisible entities

thus, aye abandon battering ram


to experience positive outcome

giving good n plenti profuse flood

unstoppable geyser spewing
plethora of appealing material
to arrange into cogent affinity,

energy, magnanimity and synchronicity!


  • Author: rew4er2nail (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 14th, 2022 15:48
  • Category: Fantasy
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