Time is a cryogenic feature, from creation to damnation, for every living creature

In death's event horizon it crystalizes like snow.

No more an entity of entropy the shadow of time does slow

I thrash about in the minutes, that have been its, fragments of disorder in an entangled web like bed

A second is an eternity, as I drown in hours sped

All in one, in a sigularity time's flexability of relativity, is a function of its veloscity

Is it a creation of the mind? Whether an issue of density or gravity, across the universe it varies in kind

While here at home, pain melts a memory frozen in time


  • Bella Shepard

    You blow my mind with this poem, as does time, entropy, the whole shebang. I read this poem several times, and each time it became more profound. Our time, compared to cosmological time, is not even a fraction of a nanosecond. How can we comprehend the incomprehensible? Wonderful write, a great fav.

    • sorenbarrett

      Thank you Bella, time has always intrigued me in regard to what it is and how to explain it. I still don't know but I know that it does bend. Thanks so much for your kind and most appreciated words.

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