In the manse market for a preowned spa house

Mine feeble efforts pale in comparison

to a kid scaling El Capitan

of Yosemite National Park,

nevertheless me, a dry witted husband

self emasculated milquetoast

of late ofttimes yawps imprecations
against fickle finger of fate.


No way would yours truly

utter maledictions against the missus,
who espouses unbridled love

toward (me) the groom she married
approximately two and a half

dozen dirty dancing years ago,
yet I experience winter of discontent,

where married life appears ideal,

when she happens to sleep,
or shops for food at supermarket.


We comport ourselves

with considerably less contention

versus half life ago

of our connubial covenant,

when verbal and physical altercations

the rule rather than exception,

linkedin with severe domestic chaos

exhibited courtesy helter skelter

incorporating ejaculations of divorce

despite the lack of monetary resources

(essentially livingsocial in squalor)
within hoity toity MainLine

drawing the ire of snobbish neighbors,

and the attention
of Children Youth Services

since two innocent daughters
caught in figurative crosshairs

triggered by emotional fallout,
whereby family of four members
experienced abominable pitfalls

fostering bleak wretchedness

associated with penury

and mental health challenges

severely rupturing and impinging

the impressionable psyches

of both female progeny,

but especially the eldest child,
who bore the brunt of

absolute zero guilt,
suffering scathing savage

indelible psychological wounds

that kick/jump started
her search for life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


We (two proud parents
admire successful survival

and success of adult offspring,

whose dogged attainment

of ability to support themselves

credited with countless supportive services,

particularly intervening where the welfare

of youngest warranted tender loving care

earning deserved commendable

meritorious kudos extricating herself

out the escape from maws

(and paws) of poverty

and achieving remarkable highmarks

earning adequate, albeit healthy wages

to support herself
with disposable income

to establish a nest egg.


Mein kampf an exposé

of stagnant emotional

physical, and social starvation

otherwise characterized during
prime time when boyhood
regarding manifestation into manhood

which anorexia nervosa undermined

and even of crafting latest poem

telltale spindleshanks (skinny legs)

constantly remind me

muscular development sabotaged,

though I dedicate a portion of each day

pedaling a stationary bicycle

brand name Cleverlife Pooboo W258

acquired free of charge off Craigslist.


Time waits for no man

or woman, nor child,

and quickening orbitz

around planet earth

reminds one mortal specimen

of Homo sapiens

to wrench free and clear

dwelling upon unattained potential

constituting countless opportunities

aborted before even testing
mine latent ability.

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  • Published: October 28th, 2022 11:56
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