Story of a housemaid


Early morning she wakes up

Still, it may be late to do things up

She makes tea, pours in a cup

For her lazy man to wake him up

He stays in bed, pretends as sick

Always find a reason not to work

Abstaining from job, he plays trick

All days go out but come back


She was a home maid goes daily

To two homes on the road nearby

One a teacher, stays alone simply

Other lady doctor receives humbly

Since both of them had so empathy

She worked hard, earned so happily

Her two girls in their teens lovely

The mother takes care too immensely


But at home, for all the works she did

Either the kids or father never mind

While trying at home to get all arranged

She feels like a helping hand in need

In the morning hours she feels  truly sad

Man and the two girls are always on demand

Variety dishes and dresses they need

They never knew the struggles she had


One day evening while crossing a street

A vehicle touched her left, gently hit

She fell in shock, her foot side split

The man who drove helped her to sit

Blood was oozing in flow from the cut

Driver asked any clinic nearby to lift

She told about her doctor on the road next

He took her there and dressed the cut...


Doctor was sad to see her maid in pity

Medicines given to heal wound quickly

She told to take rest at home properly

Come to work only when feel healthy

The driver was very much sad and guilty

But the maid said she was too in a hurry

He was ready to help the poor lady

She never accepted his offer of money


The doctor took her home before night

Father with girls were anxious in front

Doctor told about the accident she met

Also advised taking care of her with rest

Gave a sum for the expenses to meet

Informed the teacher about the incident

She too helped the maid with a kind heart

With free money, man bought all to eat


But the poor maid, she knows the truth

She does not want to exploit the faith

Worked inside home, caring for her health

She wants to be back early in full strength

Believes in duty for children she gave birth

All the three in home as usual and smooth

She knows her mistresses, kind, will sooth

Limping slowly, she started out to the path.

Time may heal her wound, proper again

 Is there a time she can take rest, if when...


  • Author: G REMADEVI (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 1st, 2022 06:31
  • Comment from author about the poem: just put words on the miseries of poor women go to work as housemaid out of poverty. In most of the cases they have to work hard and the family members do not understand their difficulties. Many of them shared their experience .. though the poem is fictional, it occupy the reality of their sufferings
  • Category: Short story
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