COVID Relief Money

The supervillain named Dr. Doom has stolen COVID relief money, which is a terrible thing to do;

The Defenders find out what Dr. Doom has done, which is true.


The Defenders use magic to appear in Dr. Doom's lair, which is in New York, and what I'm saying is right;

When they're in Dr. Doom's lair, Dr. Doom has the Defenders in his sight.


Dr. Strange tells Dr. Doom that he knows that Dr. Doom had stolen COVID relief money, as you can see;

Dr. Doom and his Servo-Guards try to assault the Defenders swiftly.


The Hulk uses his thunderclap to destroy some of the Servo-Guards, which is incredible as can be;

The Sub-Mariner grabs two of the Servo-Guards and destroys them and I'm speaking honestly.


The Silver Surfer uses his energy bolts to destroy the rest of the Servo-Guards, which is great to know;

The Defenders are a team of awesome superheroes.


Dr. Strange uses his magic to beat Dr. Doom, which is cool;

Dr. Doom is always an arrogant, shitty fool.


When Dr. Doom is beaten, he flies back to Latveria, which is swell;

Dr. Strange calls the police and here's something else that I'll tell.


When they hear the police coming, the Defenders use magic to appear back in Dr. Strange's house, which is okay;

The police have recovered the stolen COVID relief money and that's all I have to say.

  • Author: hotidris (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 3rd, 2022 21:57
  • Category: Fantasy
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