Centipede scare



A centipede found its way into our home
My hairs stood on end for hours on end!
And while we tried learning about it on Google search,
in a dark and damp crevice it made its perch

 All the cyber net did was to amplify my fears
It also yielded that our azure electric-blue vermin was quite hot on the market
Making me wonder how people could fancy such a nightmarish pet!

For this wasn't just any pest
This had hazardous venom                             I fearfully wondered if
they had its antidote serum.

 We couldn't just ignore a pair
of painful pincers on the loose
 We couldn't  simply rope those
like bull horns in a noose.

Here was a venomous predator
complete with stinging apparatus
Its bite portended pain
and complications humongous!

It did appear to have
those rumoured hundred segments
 but count scaredy me out from counting
those myriads of ligaments.

 This insectivore when we tried then to shoo, with lightning speed it zig-zagged out of view!

So now it lurks somewhere but we can't find it anywhere
 and gosh its stingers triple their size in my nightmare!
besides leaving us with a proliferation scare.!

 And but timid me thanked God once again
 to my great relief how thoughtful of Him indeed to create venomous creatures that inflict stinging pain
but atleast are unable to zoom in flying at us at flying speed! .

 (a flyin scorpion, centipede wud have been far more terrifyin n dangerous eh) .

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  • thinkerbell

    A fun read😁

  • arqios

    The pretty ones are said to be the most dangerous ones! TFS

  • Jeannie

    You paint a pretty scary picture.

  • sorenbarrett

    We. as people, seem attracted to danger and what can cause pain. Nature paints such creatures vividly with dramatic colors to warn, but we find great beauty in them. The closer we come to disaster the more entertaining. Think of bull fights if you would or parachuting or just the roller coaster. Maybe this was not intended in this most entertaining story and sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

      Oh yeah i like it you took this to another facet, many are recklessly drawn to the thrill of danger but im too scaredy a cat for that.
      So i appreciate and loved your fab comment, thanks glad you enjoyed!!

    • Doggerel Dave

      While I'm all for live and let live, there are times when a strong insect spray just might be applicable.....

      Your poem creeped me out a little...

      PS I could do without your invitations - I visit other poets all the time - look at my read rate. Your poems are usually interesting enough to include on my rounds.

      • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

        Aw thanks for the suggestion, i think paraffin might kill it but its been weeks and we can't find it.
        Ok will try to remember not to ask again. Oops that reminded me of one another who had asked me not to ask him since he would comment anyway so gosh lets see if i can edit my comments.
        Thanks for the feedback, glad you find my poems interesting enough!

        • Doggerel Dave

          With respect I'd suggest you drop it all together. Look around - no one else does that. What invariably happens is that most long term members look after one another. They make a trip to the other poet's works and give a return freely. I'd probably term that MPS 's culture....

        • sadkw33n

          Great job! I enjoyed reading this.

        • GenXer Shamrocker ☘️

          😂 you made my day!!!

        • rrodriguez

          Excellent! I read the poem with my grandson giving a suspenseful twist.

        • BoxMyHeart

          Awesomely thoughtful reading yet again!

          Have you any poems about your heritage or history? I think they would be interesting.

          • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

            Thanks so much for comment, um well i think some of my poems do tell my heritage and history, maybe not all posted yet here.

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