Scourge and Dirge

The Decepticons, Scourge and Dirge, have kidnapped the Autobot named Grapple, which is terrible as can be;

When Optimus Prime finds out about it, he gets pissed and I'm speaking honestly.


Optimus orders the Autobot Jumpstarters to rescue Grapple, as you can see;

Topspin and Twin Twist transform into vehicles and go to the Decepticons' lair swiftly.


The Jumpstarters arrive outside the Decepticons' lair and transform back into their robot modes, which is true;

They use their laser guns to break into the Decepticons' lair, which is a heroic thing to do.


Scourge and Dirge have Topspin and Twin Twist in their sights;

Dirge transforms into a jet, flies, and uses his lasers to try to shoot the Jumpstarters and what I'm saying is right.


Topspin also transforms into a jet and flies;

He uses his lasers to shoot and injure Dirge, which is wise.


When Dirge is injured, he falls to the ground and transforms back into his robot mode, which is cool;

Twin Twist transforms into a dual drill tank and moves towards Scourge who's an arrogant fool.


Scourge tries to shoot Twin Twist with his laser gun;

When Twin Twist is near Scourge, he drills a hole in one of Scourge's feet, which injures Scourge and doing that was fun.


When Scourge and Dirge are beaten, Topspin and Twin Twist transform back into their robot modes, which is swell;

They free Grapple and here's something else that I'll tell.


The three Autobots transform into vehicles and leave the Decepticons' lair, which is okay;

They return to their lair and that's all I have to say.


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  • Published: November 9th, 2022 20:50
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  • Doggerel Dave

    Need a diagram to work it all out. I enjoyed it
    Thanks for putting it up there.

  • hotidris

    You're welcome.

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