Self Talk


Something's happening

The more i m with someone they keep repeating it

Repeating it? Its you who makes them spitting shit

You are the one who never tried to Jamming it

Me? How come? You are the one who blocked everyone whenever they tried to keep closing it

What!the gap? Dont you remember the ones who keeps using it

They are the ones who fucked up your life then why mine keeps losing it

You are me man. You keep rejecting it and telling me that if not for you, you can accept those mite

Ha... The ones with the ability to eat dead sticks, but with one difference, we are still living it, breathing it


Thats the problem you have man, you neither accepted the past nor the part, but still kept playing it 

I got the problem! Its you who gave your mind and kept getting stabbed and still keeps your heart opening

But when i try to closing it, its your wounds that keeps opening it

Thats the problem we have man, the more you try to closing it the more you are losing it, losing me

But i just wanted to be me again, then why this dark patch feels like life long stain


Its there even someone just like me like you like us, just like me like you like you

What's the point for asking that when even you can't accept wants becoming of us

I m just asking to please my self, so that i can pray that God can give them someone for help

I think we are still good man, even at our expenses we trying to make some one happy with their remaining life span

Dont worry, who knows someday even we might able to call someone our best mate

Yeah, either way all we can do is just wait......

  • Author: Harshit (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 13th, 2022 16:55
  • Category: Unclassified
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