I'm Not Yours

He comes towards me

with that glance in his eye

The one that makes me so scared

and makes me want to cry

I know he's aiming right for me

for I am in his path

One strong guy, one weak little girl

what do think is going to happen, you do the math

Stop chasing me

and stop tagging along

Please don’t pin me to the ground

just to prove that you're strong

Don't touch me there

stop it hurts a lot

You put your hands on me

like I'm Something that you bought

I wish you would stop touching me

like I belong to you

I'm not yours, I know that

and you should know it too

You make me feel so dirty

the way you put your hands on me

I'm not yours

What is it that you can't see

But you don’t and you go further

as I scream your hurting me so much

I say no a million times

but all you do is rub, grab, and touch

I'm pinned to the ground

fighting him all the way

Screaming, crying, lying, dying

I've already said no what else do I say

You know I won't tell

cause I'm terrified of you

I wish you would kill me instead of

putting me in all this pain I'm going through.

  • Author: Tonya515 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 17th, 2022 11:42
  • Comment from author about the poem: Wrote this while being molested when I was 11.
  • Category: Sad
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  • Crowns4Christ

    Oh honey,I'm so sorry,I've been there at that age,it is so hard to overcome,but you can,I put all of myself into the Lord,all of my strength and surrendered to the One True Lord,He cares about you so much,and He wants to heal your pain,

    • Tonya515

      Thank you. I am working on that and healing myself. I appreciate your comment and I am so sorry you went through it as well.

    • Crowns4Christ

      Are you still kinda in the situation,I know that it not my business and I don't mean to pry,but it helps to talk to somebody that has been there,I'm 40,and just now got the courage to do something about it,private message me please I want to help you if I can ,be your support system,if you think that you might like that

      • Tonya515

        I appreciate you and wanting to help. I dont know how to private message yet only found this site yesterday. I am thankfully not in that situation anymore. I am 36 and that happened from age 10-13. I numbed myself for years with substances and recently recovered fully clean from everything. So the traumas I covered up and numbed from my childhood and teen years are returning. Just trying to let it out and get feedback on my poems. I have so many but can only post one a day. Please send me a private message I would love to talk/make new friends. I lost my whole circle of close friends from 2016-2020, literally one a year one was my mom. So Im coming out of years of deep depression and trying to make new friends but its so hard as an adult to do that. Much love to you and hope to see a message from you. Thank you.

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