Where I’m from

I am from barbie doll heads.

From body odor and cigarette smoke

I am from small closets, unable to get out.

From trashy women coming in and out of my house

and strange men staring at me.

I am from runaway puppies and eggshells

I am from addiction and sirens


I am from social service visits and needles for the arm
From a nice lady named laura and cruel babysitter Natalie

I’m from the braided hair and the dirty clothes

From the “clean the house before they get here” and “how does your mommy treat you Amiah?”

I’m from “my mommy loves me”, the blame game, and why am I like this?

I am from intrusive thoughts and self destruction

I am from craving attention 

I didn’t get at home


I am from Shirley and Davids branch

From an empty stomach and whatever food stamps could get us

I’m from locked doors, screaming, and arguments

I am from confusion, meth, and tears

I am from my mother shooting up one last time

leaving me alone 

once and for all.


But I am also from a loving family

I am from my nana and papas house

I am from Laura and Jason

I am from sophie and Jaxson

I’m from new clothes, a warm house and all the attention 

in the world.

I’m from “I love you Amiah”

I'm from Someone finally fighting for me.


I am from “you’re going to end up just like her” . 

I want to prove that I'm not that person, 

I want to write my own story and 

make my own destiny. 

I want to be able to make mistakes that normal people make without it meaning anything different because of where I’m from.

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  • Published: November 18th, 2022 16:42
  • Category: Sad
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