Panic of being lonely

Emmanuel Chris

Panic of being lonely has been around the world;
Passing from generation with an extreme anger.
It the body that tells the story with a sword;
Youth experience her welcome with hunger.
Fluke to the old ones in most cases,
Finding myself along side with the young youth's.
Approaching with vanity items in so many places;
Feeding blood leaving space with their moves.
Fasting and prayer has been my best friend;
That in the same way be also my calamity.
Crying with an audible voice, praying for the end;
Looking forward to the help from my weak family
You can escape her inevitable ambush
If only I could be given a chance to see her bush.

The panic of being lonely can and has overtaken us all,
Setting us up for and inevitable fall,
The panic of being lonely is just a temporary state,
We can overcome it,or we can do nothing and make it our fate,
The panic of being lonely, doesn't truly have to be,
If we have the strength to overcome, we can truly be free

  • Authors: Emmanuel Chris (Pseudonym), Crowns4Christ
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  • Finished: November 22nd, 2022 02:29
  • Limit: 2 stanzas
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  • Category: Sad
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