Lighthouse community church


I was led here by the Lord up above,
It is a church filled with compassion and pure God given love,
He leads us to places that we are meant to be,
We need to be willing to listen,and our Father will set us free.
Free from the pain of confusion and addiction,
To whatever it might be ,allow the Holy Trinity to lead your life

Life, Our Precious Life, Is Of Our God Most Mighty. Willingly, I, Offer Up My Heart So It May Become True.
Through With The Hate So That The Love May Make Me Whole.
Control, Me & Our Revering Community, Our Lord: Lighthouse Community Church.

An experience to hold onto with your whole heart,
I've never been to church before today,so it's a start.
To be part of a congregation,is an amazing feeling to have,
Pastor Kritz's sermon can make you cry and will make you laugh.
Get ready to meet the Holy Spirit now,
the Holy Spirit will be manifested and will guaranteed affect you some how.

Bow, Sincerely, 2 A Fellowship Blessed Wholly By HIS Divine & Magnified Glory. Weary Souls We Welcome 2 Find The Utter Greatness Of Dusk & Dawn.
Tone After Tone, Approving, Meaning The Holy Spirit Is Moving Us N The Proper Directions.
Selections Of Tenderest Testimonials, From B.I.B.L.E. 2 Congregation, Keep The Heavenly Light Of Our Heartfelt & Soulful Commune Bright.
Right, We R, Onliest Because Of Our Christ: Ultimate Love's Ultimate Sacrifice.
Nice Vibes, Pure & Holy Vibes. Good Vibes, So Likable, U Know You'll B Here Rejoicing With Us So Soon.

Lighthouse Community Church is more than family,but we are a flock,
The Flock of Jesus, our shepherd, protecting us with His rod And staff,not the modern day Glock,
The 23rd Psalm is the best passage for me,
It always made me feel loved protected and free,
How the Lord loves His children,is the purest form of love,
Protecting you and I forever,from His throne in Heaven above

Love That Won't Ever Cease.
Lose All Sin & Shame While Christ Controls The Game.
Tame Soul, 2 Let Self Know, Christ Is N Control.
Still Self & B Humble Enough 2 Lovingly Acknowledge The Bloody Crown Of The Lamb: No Better A Best Friend, When Need, Is So Apparent.
Decent & Good Folk, Ready & Willing, 2 Give The Full Of Their Hearts N This Blessed Lighthouse.
Douse All Hellish Fires As Soon As U Realize Eternal Love's Unhindered Unlimited Amounts.

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  • ForeverJesus6

    As Christians we are led,
    with the Gospel to be spread.
    The Salvation of Jesus Christ is real.
    He died on the Cross.
    Our sins He appealed.
    He ascended into Heaven,
    promising He'd be back.

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